Blackhead Remover Vacuum Pore Cleaner Diamond Dermabrasion Suction Device

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** Effectively sucks up and removes blackheads, oil, dirt, sebum, and dead skin  

** Significantly improves dry, patched skin

** Helps fade uneven tone and dullness

** Decreases and eliminated discolored pigmentation

** Promotes healing of facial scars caused by acne and skin eruptions

** Fastest way to get rid of blackheads and whiteheads naturally and immediately

Vacuum Suctioning System

** Gently remove the cuticle for smooth, fresh looking skin

** Absorbs away the rough surface debris, while the absorption function sucks out the dirt, oil, and blackheads on the skin

** Gets rid of the skin cells while promoting blood circulation, conducive to the natural renewal of cells to keep skin unclogged, smooth, and refined

** Pulls and massages the skin, promoting blood circulation and metabolism so that the dermal tissue to get the necessary nutrition for renewed smooth skin

** Enhances the permeability of the skin so that skincare products work deeper into the tissue, thereby improving the skin’s moisture

The Diamond Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive skin exfoliating procedure, using sterilized diamond tips to peel and rub off the cells that are dull causing lack luster skin. This occurs at the first layer followed by suctioning and eliminating blackheads, residue, dead skin, oil and dirt.

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Our Black Head Electric Machine is the Best for Skin Care 


Time to clean and treat the skin’s surface with the top rated blackhead suction tool used at home that removes excess oil and dirt fast from the pores with no pain & effectively.

Our hand held facial pore cleansing device has two built-in functions to help purify your skin. First, the diamond microdermabrasion therapy and second, the vacuum therapy. With these systems working together, You will get noticeable results at home in the comfort of your home using our automated pore suction cleaner blackhead tools.

The Diamond Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive skin exfoliating procedure, using sterilized diamond tips to peel and rub off the cells that are dull causing lack luster skin. This occurs at the first layer followed by suctioning and eliminating residue, dead skin, oil and dirt.

The suction function help cleanse the dirty pores through vacuuming tubes and stimulates blood circulation within your skin. This will help give your skin elasticity and can reduce discoloration from facial scarring and acne.

With exceptional solid suctioning using quality diamond tips, our Vacuum Pore Cleaner works just like a professional facial micro-dermabrasion procedure without having to leave the house nor spend hundreds of dollars.  You will thank us for this easy to use, effective machine that will get the GUNK out!

Blackhead Removal Suction Tool

Color: White Only
Charging method: USB charging line
Voltage: 100-240V
Power: 5W
Power input: 5V-1A
Material of the massage head: Blackhead Extractor Diamond Micro-Crystalline Probe
Material: ABS
Package list tools : Aalou Health Comedo suction machine, USB charging line, instruction, four beauty heads, 5 sponges, two aprons

Features of the Top Blackhead Extraction Device

1. Work head can be replaced, four work head for different parts of the use

2. LED display: 5 levels to control the suction

3. Simple button design

4. USB charging

5. Natural mineral micro-crystalline drill particle probe

6. True comedone vacuum suction system to promote skin blood circulation and remove debris immediately


What Are Blackheads

One of the most infuriating skin conditions, without reservation, is blackheads. They can be stubborn and
it appears nearly everyone has them. Because they are so tough to get rid of and irritating to look at most do not know how to deal with them.

Blackheads can appear on the upper body, back, arms and neck, but they’re often prone in the face, especially the nose area.  These are clogged pores that have turned black when the oxygen (air) touches the surface area of the pore.

What Causes Black Heads

These are just like pimples, they  form when your pores are blocked by an excess of oil, dirt, sebum, and residue on your skin. All this combined, produces a residue and dead skin, which is then exposed to the air (oxygen), and they turn black at the tip of your first layer of skin. These are those little black dots, the size of a pin needle that make your pores look enormous. You can easily see them around your nose and chin area more than other areas.

Squeezing Blackheads

Don’t do it…Don’t do it…Don’t do it!!!  It may seem like a good idea, but you will do way more harm than good trying to squeeze the blackhead out of your pores. The main reason is your hand are the worst for carrying bacteria and oil, which will only clog your pores even more.

The second disadvantage is the black heads are so tiny that your fingers alone are not appropriate for the task. Many are not aware of the correct technique and try to just use their fingers and push, when in fact using your knuckles are said to be the healthiest was to get rid of blackhead without tools.

But again, its not suggested to try this especially in your face, where signs of irritation are prone to show easily. If this is something you can not resist doing (for some of us, its become a bad habit picking at our faces) you must make sure you follow a specific regimen to not damage your skin, which causes scarring and more breakouts.

How To Get Rid of Blackheads Immediately and Effectively Through Clean Extracting

For this step of the blackhead facial, the very FIRST step is cleansing the skin with mild soap, preferably one that does not contain alcohol or parabens. This will strip your skin and make it more difficult causing irritation.

The next MOST important step, is steaming. Many do not do this and wonder why its take a village to remove the blackheads. Steam will soften the skin and help open the pores up for easy access to the blackheads, which means easier extraction. THIS IS A MUST!!! Please do not proceed with extracting until you have thoroughly opened your pores with a facial steam.

If you do not have a facial steamer, then holding your head over a bowl or pot of hot water would be the best way to open up your pores. The other ways are to take a hot shower or place a hot washcloth on your face and hold for about 2 minutes or until the towel has cooled. Any of these remedies will suffice to get the job done to prepare your skin to easily get rid of tiny pesky blackheads.

Best Way to Prevent Blackheads

The fundamentals of a facial skin treatment regime is skin cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing, sun safety and therapy of the pores and skin blemishes. There are a couple of simple to do requirements that keeps your pores  unclogged and skin care tips that can be helpful for sustaining pure flawless skin.

#1) Thorough deep cleaning includes washing at least twice, once to wash the oil and dirt and other to rinse the residue from the pores, which cleanses them out, leaving them unclogged and smoother, thus smaller in size.

#2) Exfoliating done regularly is the next best remedy to minimize blackheads. This will help clear dead skin and debris in the infected areas. It will also reduce the amount of sebum that your glands produce, which will help eliminate breakouts of blackheads, whiteheads, and acne. SO EXFOLIATE NOW!!

Blackheads will continue to be a problem without a good skin care regime. SO EXFOLIATE NOW!! Read our article Is There a Tool to Remove Blackheads

The Fastest & Most Effective BlackHead Removal Tool That Gets the GUNK Out

Blackhead removal tools are available and you want to make certain you purchase one that is produced of sterile material. This can be sanitized after each use and will not become corroded with rust, making a stainless steel suction device the most effective tool for this process. Our Large Round Blackhead Suction & Compact Head features a Big round mouth tip with strong suction characteristics has a significant effect on the fat blackheads. Unique vacuum pressure suction mechanism, the skin micro-pulling massage, in-depth role in the underlying skin to stimulate the micro-circulation, reproduction compact three-dimensional.







Best Blackhead Removal Machine | Easy to Use | Fast Results

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